A number of factors motivated the inception of this site. Firstly, I have been threatening no-one in particular for a long time that I am going to start a blog that relentlessly points out the relentless sexism of the surfing industry.  No-one in particular actually cares about this, of course, but that’s okay. Secondly, Facebook is not the greatest space to self-indulgently rant/think/waft and I am a PhD student who suffers from frequent insomnia, so having space to self-indulgently rant/ think/ waft is an important part of my gig. Thirdly, the quality of my writing is not very good (grammar, you say? hmm… my point exactly). If you picked up in a previous sentence that I am a PhD student, you should be as equally concerned about this point as I am. Essentially, this blog is another excuse to do more writing. I figure the more I write, the more likely I am to get better at it. This is not a promise, by the way. It’s just a hypothesis. Fourthly, I am living-in-travelling again, this time in North America. I wanted a place to contain some of the curiosities, troubles and wonderment experienced here. It’s a mission of meaning-making, one I hope you will engage with and contribute to. Finally, I like projects! Especially ones that distract me from my other important projects – like that lil’ eighty-thousand word thesis, or that broader, more intriguing task some of us refer to as “life,” some of us refer to as “a ride,” and some of us refer to as a “bullshit, three-ringed, sideshow circus…”

I hope you enjoy your stay.

2 comments on “About

  1. stephsoul says:

    wow, that sounds pretty awesome! I’m glad I’m one of your followers now 🙂

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