Women’s Surfing Highlights: Rip Curl Pro Day 4

Don’t let the title of the following video fool you – the women are ripping in the surf and it has nothing to do with bikinis.


Fitzgibbons Winner of the Breaka Burleigh Pro

Congratulations to Australian Sally Fitzgibbons for winning the ASP Women’s 6-Star Breaka Burleigh Pro on the Australian Gold Coast yesterday. (If you click on the comp. link, please persist to get to the women’s news… yes, even though this is a higher-starred event for women than men, the men’s results dominate the home page and all the site’s news. Don’t get me wrong, Owen, you’re a damn fine surfer too!). Sally needed an 8.9 wave score in the final minutes of the heat against Courtney Conlogue… So she pulled out a 9.

Sally, you rip. YEEW indeed!

‘Eurotic’ Resists the Erotic

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an online streaming of Eurotic, an awesome snowboarding film by Lipstick Productions. I was most excited. Having only started snowboarding recently, I am not very familiar with the culture of women’s snowboarding. If this film is anything to go by, it is miles ahead of the surfing industry in terms of female representation. The film is shot well, it has fun, and it knows how to parody (and party, for that matter). But most importantly: it always keeps its focus on the incredible talent of the featured snowboarders. That is, it presents itself as a snowboarding film, rather than a modelling/clothing/cosmetic promo. How refreshing! Here is the trailer for you to enjoy: